About XLS Medical

xls-medicalXLS-Medical is a new fat binding supplement which can help anyone who wants to lose weight lose three times more than dieting alone. It is available in the UK online and at pharmacies without a prescription.

These supplements work by naturally reducing the amount of fat absorbed by your digestive system when you eat, allowing it to pass naturally through your body.

Why Use XLS-Medical?

  • It’s clinically proven to stop 27% of fat consumed being absorbed by the body, reducing your calorie intake significantly without changing your diet.
  • It contains only naturally sourced ingredients so side effects are rare and mild. Unlike other fat binders such as Alli, XLS-Medical does not interfere with your body, is gentle on your system and is well tolerated.
  • It can help you lose 3x more weight that simply dieting alone. Use these supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise and you will see results very quickly.
  • It includes essential fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E to replace any shortfall cause by the fat binding mechanism.
  • By reducing the rate at which food leaves your stomach you will feel fuller for longer.
  • Follow the XLS-Medical programme and you could see results within 4 weeks.

How Much Weight Can You Expect To Lose?

Clinical trials suggest that if you consume 500 fewer calories than the recommend daily intake (2000 for women and 2500 for men) taking XLS Medical will increase the weight loss by three times. How much weight lost this equates to depends on the person but clearly trials show that these supplements siginificantly increase the power of dieting.

How Soon Will You See Results?

Use XLS as recommend and you should see measurable results within 4 weeks. The developers recommend that you take them for 12 weeks.

The Science Bit

XLS-Medical supplements contain Litramine which is a patented fiber complex extracted from dried cactus leaves. Litramine is clinically proven to bind fats in the digestive system without any pharmacological effects on the human body. When taken with food the Litramine binds with the fat molecules in the food to become a fat-fiber complex. These complexes are too large to be absorbed by the digestive system and so pass naturally through the body.

Side Effects

As XLS Medical is made from organic natural ingredients it is tolerated very well by the vast majority of users. It has been  certified as a Medical Device Class and test for efficacy and safety.

How Much Does It Cost?

xls 5 daysPacks of XLS Medicals come in many different sizes. You can buy a box of 5 days supply (30 supplements), this deal may be good if you just want to try it out, although you will not notice much difference in just 5 days – it’s not recommended that you buy these if you intend to use this medium to long term. 5 day pack RRPs for £15, it can be bought online for around £9 (30p/pill). Visit this website for the latest XLS Medical prices.

xls 3 monthsAt the other extreme you can buy a pack of 3 months supply (540 supplements).  Buying in bulk obviously will represent the best value for money and if you have already used it and know it works well for you it is the way to go in my opinion. 3 months supply RRPs for £195 – you can buy it online for around £100 (18p/pill).

For the lowest price for XLS Medical online take a look at our unique price comparison list which is updated daily.